The change we need. The voice we deserve.
Securing the future of Union County.

Union County is ready for some decisive common sense. Our tax payers need a leader that will protect them from over-taxation and spending and our County is in need of a forensic audit to ensure our money is being spent wisely and where needed.

Charles Rich wants to bring his unique mix of professional and personal experience to county government to make a difference for all of us. Charles wants to take decisive action to bring fiscal discipline and business-world initiatives to our local government. There is no need to continue to put a small county like Union more in debt.

Charles would like to focus on smart ideas to control spending while still delivering essential services. He also believes there should be a way to build up a contingency fund to avoid property tax increases during tough economic times when other governments are seeing massive property tax increases. It’s been said that our millage rate is one of the lowest in the region, but property taxes have been going up year after year.

Charles believes in tough fiscal transparency and when elected will order a line-by-line departmental budget review to find cost controlling initiatives and ferret out non-essential expenses. As our County Commissioner, he will continue this type of exhaustive budget review annually to protect our tax dollars.

Charles is committed to helping Union County families find the good-paying jobs they need. That is why he foresees a monthly or twice-monthly open round table where all businesses of Union County can collaboratively gather to discuss marketing ideas, co-ops, or even just bounce business ideas off one another. Successful business owners know that two minds are better than one.

Charles worked for one top five insurance giant for over 14 years and in those years was responsible for the successful implementation of a multiple state direct repair program that worked together to meet budget numbers and keep their thousands of customers satisfied. In previous roles he was responsible for managing inventories, budgets and payrolls for numerous employees and keeping his company profitable.

Charles plans on using these skills to bring a full-time, no nonsense brand of work ethic to Union County to ensure the future for thriving businesses, families and ultimately taxpayers.